Simplify Your Skincare with Dewha

Simplify Your Skincare with Dewha

With minimalism continuing to take the world by storm in recent years, it’s no surprise that this movement has finally made its way over to the beauty industry. Skin minimalism is now a rapidly growing trend that aims to simplify beauty regimens.

There’s a Singaporean skincare company named Dewha that has been innovating skincare solutions focusing on achieving healthy, glowing skin with only the necessary products. Their brand philosophy which is “GLOW MORE WITH LESS” aims to make beauty regimens easier, more affordable, and approachable for everybody.

While this take on skincare might sound too basic and simple but it really is all about going back to what is truly essential. An effective skincare routine is not about layering a myriad of products at a time but rather just having products that simply work. Certainly a refreshing stance against the “more is more” bandwagon.

The Dewha Fresh Beauty Kit is a carefully curated 2-step skincare bundle that features:

Dewha Amino Acid Gentle Cleansing Mousse - a soothing and hydrating cleanser that has a rich, fluffy, cloud-like foam which removes deep-seated dirt, sebum, and impurities from your skin

Dewha Cica Rejuvenating Toner - a calming, non-irritating lightweight facial toner that doubles as an essence

The Dewha Baby Glow Bundle comprises of:

Dewha Gold Intense Serum - a must-have serum enriched with 99.9& pure gold that effectively reverses aging, lifts loose skin, smoothes fine lines, and repairs damaged skin cells

Dewha Intense Hydration Essence Sheet Masks - sheet masks soaked with a premium serum-containing Bifida Ferment Lysate and Oliga-HA which firm up the skin and help visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Both of these bundles have everything you need for that lustrous, smoother, firmer, younger looking skin in as little as 15 days.



Dewha is Singapore's Premium Skincare brand that uses first-class ingredients from Korea to help us achieve the glow we all deserve. Our brand is all about simplifying skincare for all the women out there and making beauty convenient for all to easily achieve healthy, glowing skin.

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