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Why Customers Love Dewha

I already started using Dewha and it was so good. I have also tried other face masks but Dewha is different. After using it makes my skin more hydrated and soft. When I woke up the next day you will see the glow on my skin..I super love it!!
- Divine Kim
I have an oily face and I can say that this cushion from Dewha really sits well on my face. Since I started using it, I’ve never experienced an oily feeling on my face throughout the day. There are no foundation residues and easily blend to the natural tone of the skin.
- Riza
The packaging looks very classy. After just using it for a few days, it already gave me the glow, my pores also look smaller and what I really love about the Dewha 24K gold serum is it’s super easy to apply and I didn’t feel that I’ve applied something on my face.
- Mira
I love the youthful glow and the brightening effects that this serum gives my skin. My skin feels plumped after using it for just about a week. I’m very particular about anti-aging products and this one passed my standards.
- Lan
It’s gentle, very easy to use…glides on the skin and it doesn’t dry. It has foamy texture that’s very smooth on the face. If you feel that your skin is looking dull, this one is highly recommended..try and see if it works for you.
- Kaycee
Overall Dewha is gentle on my skin. In their cleanser for instance, I feel that it deeply cleanses my pores and it moisturizes my skin. I noticed that there is no sign of oiliness after using this my skin felt smooth, matte and refreshed which I love. I have not experienced any irritations. After using it for days now, I also felt like my skin is firmer than before.
- Jasmine

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